5 Reasons Not Having a Website Is Killing Your Small Business

Oct 25, 2018

Since getting into this business, I’ve been hearing a surprising number of people saying they don’t see a reason to have a website for their business. So here’s the top 5 reasons I can think of that they actually do need a website.

Low Cost Advertising

In all fairness, it does take time to build up traffic to a new website. In the long-run though, the traffic will come. And the cost of creating the website to market to all the people that will see it is relatively low. Dollar-per-viewer, a website is probably the most cost-effective advertising you can buy. Your website will be the go-to place for your business online.

Sales Availability

Your website will be working for you as your most knowledgeable salesperson all day, every day. Your customers and future customers can visit your site any time they want, no matter how busy you are at the time. There, they can learn about your latest products or upcoming services, without having to wait for a convenient time to visit with you in-person.

Broaden Your Market

If you own a store where you sell the perfect product or service for a guy in the next town, how’s he going to know? Don’t rely on the chance that the perfect customer will happen to drive by and see your sign and have time to stop. Without a website, even many people in your own town may never realize they want to give you their money.

Sell Anywhere

If you have a product you can sell online, your customer base can increase exponentially by having an online store. You’ll be able to sell your products all over the world.

Become An Authority

These days, consumers are increasingly weary of doing business with someone that may not be around anymore tomorrow. Having a regularly updated website, posting information related to your field, and engaging with your clients will help assure them that you’re running a stable business that will still be around long after they buy your service.